For Men & Supporters

If you are a man who has been sexually abused in childhood or assaulted as an adult, or are a partner, family member or friend, know that information and support to live well is available here. We understand that men and their supporters can face some unique pressures and challenges. Get info and support to enhance your well-being, to better manage difficulties and build healthy relationships.

For men, partners, friends and family

No straight lines

This video, “No straight lines: We all benefit from maps of life’s territories”, highlights how we all benefit from maps of life’s territories. Maps help ground and orient us. Where we can become stuck and overwhelmed, maps can help us find our way. Maps help us to connect, share and draw upon the experience of those who have come before us. Read more about this video and painting.

You are not alone

Listen to men’s stories of encouragement and support. Yes, it can be tough at times and take effort to keep going, but you are worth it. View our collection of videos of men talking about sexual abuse, or read some encouraging stories written by men.


1BlueString 1BlueString asks guitarists to replace one of their six strings with a blue string to symbolize and support the 1 in 6 men sexually abused in childhood. Raise awareness and support by ordering your free kit today.

Get the stats

Statistics are one way we can develop a picture of the extent of child sexual abuse or sexual assault in our community. Check out our new and improved Sexual abuse statistics page, where you can get the facts and figures. These stats will hopefully dispel some of the Unhelpful myths about the sexual assault of men.

Men overcoming childhood sexual abuse

The Bristlecone Project documentary film is a powerful and effective vehicle for raising awareness about men’s potential to reclaim healthy, meaningful lives after experiencing childhood sexual abuse. Read more about this documentary.

Auslan videos

In partnership with Deaf Services Queensland, Living Well has created 34 Auslan videos specifically to support members of the deaf and hard of hearing communities who have been sexually assaulted or sexually abused in childhood.

Learn: For professionals

Living Well have developed an eLearning portal consisting of free and complete training manuals, resources and professional development articles for practitioners working with men who have experienced sexual abuse or sexual assault.


At Living Well, we are interested in supporting men and their supporters to live fulfilling, active, engaged lives. Our focus moves beyond symptom management, towards enhancing overall well-being. This is why we have included a well-being assessment and tips for living well.


Royal commission

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has just been undertaken in Australia. On our eLearning portal you can read the full Final Report and what it means for services such as Living Well, providing ongoing support to men and families affected by institutional childhood sexual abuse.

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