1. Introduction

Below is the first mp3 audio exercise in a guided series of mindfulness strategies designed to assist in distress tolerance and reduction. This exercise is an introduction to mindfulness mp3.

Recent research indicates that with as little as 20 minutes of mindfulness practice daily the brain actually changes. With  frequent practice, the part of the brain that sends messages of anxiety and distress slows down, and the part that sends messages of calmness and comfort to the body becomes more active. So mindfulness is not just a sugar pill, it actually does make a difference.

You don’t have to do it all the time, but once you practice some of the strategies we have made available on this website then you can adjust and modify them, or make up your own, and incorporate them into your daily routine. Like any new skill, they need to be practised and it is best to practice them BEFORE you really need them so that they are familiar to you.

Introduction to mindfulness mp3

Download the mp3 [9.1 mB]

To download the mp3 to your computer, right-click the link and select “Save as.”

 Other mindfulness exercises


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  • sgep

    I like the recording and would like to keep it however the download option only opens a new tab and plays the track – it will not allow me to save it. I’ve checked my internet settings but I can’t find any issues. Is there another way for me to get the recording?

    • Jess

      Thanks for your question, and I am so pleased you have found the mp3 useful. To download it to your computer, right-click on the link to the file and select *Save target as.* The exact wording may differ depending on what browser you are using.

  • Paula

    Falta o áudio em português para ser 5 estrelas! O que é uma pena, pois é excelente material como tarefa para alguns coachee. Mesmo assim agradeço este material!!
    Paula Di Paula

    • Jess

      Thanks for your kind words. You are right, it would be great if we could have these exercises recorded in other languages! We wish so too!

  • A Nutt

    I would love the audio transcript for the mp3’s as I would like to read them to my clients, playing the audio during group is not as personal as I’d like.

    • Jess

      We are pleased that you have found the mindfulness exercises useful. We have included a PDF worksheet for each mindfulness exercise. Although the attached worksheets may not be an exact transcript of the mp3 audio file, they will hopefully provide sufficient material for reading and adapting to the groups needs. All the best from the team at Living Well.

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