Living Well now holds a bi-monthly support group for those who have been impacted by being in a parenting role with a man who has experienced the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and/or sexual assault as an adult man.

Often parents, step-parents, foster parents and those others who have been in caring roles are still providing valuable support to sons and their families as a result of these experiences and may find it useful to seek support for themselves as well.

This group is a small and friendly opportunity to share thoughts and feelings both past and present, to gain information and insights, and to share strategies for managing the important, complex and often on-going role of caring for an adult child who has been impacted by sexual violence. Privacy and confidentiality is respected due to the sensitive nature of the issues involved.

The group meets every second month on a Friday and is held at our Brisbane office. We are looking forward to welcoming new members. Please call 07 3028 4648 to speak to Cate and explore your interest.

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