Welcome to well-being! This section of the Living Well website is our favourite — it’s where we focus on improving mental health and wellbeing, building resilience, and improving self care and helpful coping skills.

A Living Well siamo impegnati a sostenere le persone a vivere soddisfare, cura, collegato, una vita attiva. Noi non siamo solo di concentrarsi sulla gestione dei sintomi, ma migliorare la salute mentale. Per noi, “living well” means putting your life on the agenda, and “being well” is something you do, as opposed to something you sono. While many people consider a state of wellbeing to be the final stage of recovery, we consider it the very first step.

So when people come and visit us at Living Well to get some support and work through issues, this is often how we begin. When you look at what you can do to improve your wellbeing, and make the time to engage in these behaviours, you are automatically improving your ability to cope with stress and difficulties. You are giving yourself a solid base from which to take further steps forward.

Depending on your current mental state, placing a focus on wellbeing in this way can be difficult. It often means making a conscious decision to engage in activities and behaviours you don’t yet feel ready to do. It often means making a personal commitment to maintain changes that are an every-day struggle. In highlighting the importance of the wellbeing strategies listed below, we recognise that what we are suggesting is not easy at all.

It may help to keep in mind that, in the case of mental and physical wellbeing, “feeling it” almost always follows “doing it.” This is shown again and again in the research and in our practice.

Improving mental health and wellbeing

Il recupero e la resilienza non riflettono semplicemente l'assenza di sintomi problematici, ma piuttosto un gusto per la vita; una concezione positiva di sé quelle; la capacità di formare positivo, di supporto, e le relazioni di sicurezza; e la possibilità di ottenere una qualità di vita soddisfacente. (1)

By placing a focus on wellbeing there is no presumption that problems will disappear — that’s not possible. Tutti, se hanno subito violenza sessuale o no, will confront problems and have to deal with them. Rather, what putting an emphasis on living well does is encourage you to put energy into identifying and doing things that are important to you, spending time with people you care about, and engaging in activities that fit your defined life purposes.

Non sorprende, an experience of sexual violence can derail you from these things. It can make you lose sight of where you are or even who you are. Rather than centering on the experience of abuse in your life, il suo impatto su di voi, o esaminare come si è fatto fronte con i suoi effetti, questa sezione è molto su di voi e come vivi la tua vita.

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Mindfulness esercizi

Esercizi di rilassamento

Vivere una vita piena

Siamo tutti interessati ad avere una serie di strategie per gestire i momenti difficili e migliorare il nostro benessere emotivo benessere. Anche se questa risorsa web dalla RMIT University servizio di consulenza è stato progettato per sostenere gli studenti universitari a gestire durante i periodi di stress, le informazioni, fogli di lavoro e podcast sono ben messi insieme e utile per chi cerca di vivere una vita piena e attiva.

Sito: Supporto per vivere una vita piena e attiva

Riferimento: (1) McMackin R.A., E. Newman, Fogler J. M., & Keane T.M. (2012) La terapia Trauma nel contesto: la scienza e l'artigianato della pratica basata sull'evidenza. American Psychological Association: Washington.


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    William L . O'Connor rispondere Giugno 22, 2017 a 6:49 su

    I have been healed through diet, prayer and positive thinking. This site has so much valuable information. Grazie

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