If your partner was sexually abused, you undoubtedly have many unanswered questions. Here at Living Well we receive a large number of questions and requests for advice from partners, family members and loved ones of men who have experienced sexual abuse or sexual assault. These are people who are deeply concerned about the men in their lives, and at a bit of a loss for how to best support them. See the comments and questions asked on our page 男性のパートナーのための情報, 例として.

Often a partner is the first person that a man will ever disclose a history of sexual abuse to. We want to acknowledge that this can be challenging and confusing for partners, その, regardless of the closeness of your relationship, this information can be difficult to process and respond to. Not only do you want to support your loved one, you also need to deal with your own thoughts and feelings about it all.

Often there is a lot of worry around how to respond appropriately, and also worry about what this may mean for you as individuals, as a couple, or as a family.

my partner was sexually abused

Sometimes the man discloses the abuse, or you deduce it has happened and he acknowledges it, but he then is not ready to discuss it further, let alone seek help or tell anyone else. This can be a really uncomfortable place for you to be in, as now you have this information but are unsure what to do with it.

もし, as we know, there is not a lot of support out there for men who have experienced sexual abuse or assault, then neither is there much information for the people who care about and wish to support these men.

Below are some of the most common questions we get. We acknowledge that every situation is different, これらの上に読みながら、あなたはこのことを念頭に置いて保管してくださいますようお願い. Please also take care of yourself in reading through, as these topics can be confronting.

我々は一般的に単語を使用していました “パートナー” to refer to the man in your life, but these words can apply to any man — friend, son, 父, 弟, client, or any other man you care about.

彼の行動のために, I think my partner may have been sexually abused, but he denies it. Is he just hiding it from me?

Some of the behaviours that people have described to us include:

  • Infidelity, sexual addiction.
  • Complete disinterest in sex.
  • Unusual sexual or sexualised behaviours.
  • Porn addiction.
  • Consuming gay or same-sex porn.
  • Strong emotional reactions to the mention of sexual abuse of others.
  • うつ病, 不安, self harm.
  • Abuse of alcohol or other drugs.
  • Very protective behaviours towards children.

彼のために行くがたくさんあるかのようにそれが見えるかもしれませんが, 実際に知る方法はありません, 人の現在の動作から, whether he has been sexually abused in the past.

難しさはあります, even if your partner demonstrates every single behaviour on a list of 性的虐待を受けた人に共通の問題, それはまだ、必ずしも彼が性的に虐待されたという意味ではありません. 潜在的に、人々は異なる挙動に従事または異なる反応を持っているかもしれない理由を説明することができ、非常に多くの理由があります. これは、いずれかの個々の反応を予測するだけでは不可能です, そう確かに私たちに教えてくれるの症状のないチェックリストはありません.

それは確かに過去の虐待についてのあなたの疑惑が正しいことをしてもよいです. しかし、彼はそれについて話に開放されない限り、, あなたが特定されるようにするための方法はありません. 私たちは確かに私たちが知っているで作業することができ.

This question is made more difficult by the fact that, when a man has been abused, 彼は約話をすることはほとんど不可能に感じることができるものです. 多くの男性は、性的虐待や性的暴行を開示することはありません 数十年 事後に, if ever. Check out our page on 男性と開示, which outlines some of the barriers men face.


それでは、あなたがあなたのパートナー、または1つを愛したが、性的虐待を受けるか、暴行した疑いがあるとしましょう, しかし、あなたは確かに知っていません. あなたはすでに彼に尋ねたかもしれません, しかし、彼はそれについて話すことはありません. If you are in this situation, 彼の経験や彼の応答のいくつかについてのあなたを悲しませるか心配事があるかもしれません. あなたは助けるために最善の方法を知らないかもしれません, または、このような状況であなたのそれぞれのニーズを探索する方法, もっと動揺引き起こすことなく、.

彼はすでに、彼が性的虐待を受けるたことを告げていない場合, 彼は準備ができるまで、一般的にそれについて話すために彼に圧力をかけるしないことをお勧めします. 覚えている, これが事実である場合、あなたは確かに知っていません, それであっても, 理想的には、教えて教えてくれたりしないように彼の決定であります. それはあなたが彼にその決定の力を残すことが重要です. それがあることを知っています 極めて 男性が開示するのは難しいです. 彼はそうする準備ができていない場合, それはあなたには反映されません, または互いとの関係について.

我々は持っています 何人かの人から聞きました 彼らが求められている気にしないこと, 彼らはまだ話をする準備ができていない場合、彼らはそれについて押されることは役に立ち見つけることはありません.

誰かをサポートすることは非常に難しいことができますが、そうすることができませんでし感じるように. それは修正するのはあなた次第ではありませんが’ 彼に, 彼が今まで話題を持ち出すする準備ができて感じなければ、あなたはあなたのパートナーをサポートすることができる方法があります.

彼の気持ちを聞くにあなたのパートナーはあなたが常に開いていることを知ってみましょう, 経験, 思考や物語. オープンに耳を傾ける準備ができて, 偏った判断方法.

あなたが感じる場合は、彼はあなたに虐待を開示することができます, 私達のページを見てみましょう 男性と開示: あなたは助けることができる方法 愛する人が開示を通じて、男性をサポートする方法についていくつかの詳細については、.

そして、このすべてを介して、, 何よりも, あなたは自分の世話をすることを確認してください. しばらくの間、バックステップして、独自の世話 well-being 今ここで. このように自己ケアに従事することは2つの目的を果たします. The first is that it builds up your resilience and your ability to manage and cope with stress. The second is that it also means you are “modelling” self care for your partnerhealthy behaviour tends to be “catching.” In either case, the importance of looking after yourself cannot be overstated.

We acknowledge and appreciate that you want to support and care for your partner, no matter what has happened — but it is important to keep in mind that you cannot make everything alright. Especially if you are losing sight of your own needs.

彼の行動は、負に私に影響を及ぼしています, しかし. 他にどのように私は変更に彼を得ることができます?

かどうかにかかわらず、あなたのパートナーの一方または過去に性的虐待や暴行を経験している愛し, you both always have a right to have your wishes, boundaries and desires respected.

可能なら, let him know that there are aspects of the relationship you want to talk about. Focus on what is happening in the present, and discuss together your hopes for how you want the relationship to be. This avoids pressuring him into disclosing (or denying) any history of sexual abuse. It might be helpful to keep the issues separate until (and if) 彼は彼の過去の話をする準備ができている - それは彼の過去の場合です です, 実際には, 関連しました. このアプローチを使用すると、あなたは関係が起こっているどのように考えるか表現する権利を持っているという事実の視力を維持するのに役立ちます, while leaving the issue of disclosing any history of sexual victimisation in his control.

あなたが欲しいどのような関係について明確である場合は便利です, どのような期待, ニーズ, and boundaries or limits you each have. Envision this together — invite him to share his expectations and hopes with you. Talk about how you would prefer you both behave in this relationship, そして、どのように愛を示す, お互いのためのケアと尊敬. In stating your vision for your life together, and in asking him to share his, you are both making a commitment to this.

Map it out — what it will look like for both of you. Get specific. あなたの時間がかかる. Make it an ongoing process.

これはワークアウトとされ、許容可能な動作ではありませんものとして明確なものを意味します. それはあなたの期待と限界が何であるかについての明確なメッセージを提供するために、任意の関係で重要です, あなたのパートナーのものを聞いて, 中での出会いをしてみてください. The main point is that both of you should feel comfortable with things. No one should feel pressured to accept something they’re not comfortable with.

それは彼が虐待をブロックしている可能性があります, またはそれを覚えていません?

Research shows that the majority of people who have experienced sexual abuse retain very strong memories of the abuse. It also shows that there are a number of reasons that people may not wish to talk about it.

Having said that, はい, その思い出明らかにされていない性的虐待を受けてきた一部の人々があります, または存在しません, 長時間. These people may remember and piece together fragments of memories later on in life. 実際には, many people have noticed that these memories seem to come back once they have started to feel more stable, more strong, and more confident. In other words, just when you start to feel you’re really doing well, the memories start to return.

この場合, working through it may not be about avoiding the memories, or even trying to chase them down and confront them. It’s about building yourself up to the point where your mind can handle them, and has the strength to cope with them. It’s about being ready.

ここに難しさはあなたが唯一の利用可能なものを扱うことができますということです. 子供の頃性的虐待の記憶を検索すると、より多くの苦痛につながる可能性, 混乱と不確実性. 一般的にはメモリが非常に当てにならないです. It may be more helpful to try to work on acceptance of the uncertainty of the issue. In this case it’s about learning to be okay with not knowing for sure.

In either case the emphasis should be on developing a strong, stable and confident sense of wellbeing.

He has a few issues at the moment that I’m sure are related to the abuse. Is it common for men to

It is common for a man who has experienced sexual abuse to experience a range of effects over the years. There are many negative impacts that are commonly known to result from a history of such trauma, といった:

  • Flashbacks and invasive thoughts.
  • Nightmares and insomnia.
  • 怒り, and thoughts of revenge.
  • 自己非難, 恥, and low self esteem.
  • Numbness.
  • 自殺願望.
  • Intimacy issues.
  • Difficulty trusting others.

A more complete list can be found on the page dealing with sexual violence, along with some further information.

In addition to the above, there are also secondary issues that can arise. Often these are emotional and behavioural strategies that men have used to help them cope with the primary issues above. These strategies themselves, while helpful at first, can become problematic. These can include:

  • Use of alcohol and other drugs.
  • Use of pornography.
  • Workaholism.
  • 危険な行動.
  • 関係の制御.
  • Avoiding relationships.
  • 自傷.

More on these types of unhelpful strategies can be found on the page 子供の頃性的虐待の影響への対処.

もちろん, not all of these issues, even if a man has experienced sexual abuse, are necessarily related to the abuse. 同様に, it is important to recognise men’s capacity to lead full and rewarding lives. 児童性的虐待や性的暴行の経験に続いて, it is not unusual for people’s understanding of their lives to become closely inter-connected with problems related to that experience. しかしながら, seeing the person as the problem, and the majority of his current difficulties as a result of sexual abuse or sexual assault, can be counter-productive.

When trying to work through any present issue, it can be more helpful to look at it the present. Whether or not this issue stems from a history of abuse, it will generally be effective to deal with it in the here and now. Set goals, establish safety and support, and put strategies in place, just as we do for anything.

I really think my partner needs to get help for this, but he doesn’t want counselling. How can I convince him to get the help he needs?

Counselling can be a really useful way for someone to process and work though difficult experiences, to build up safety and stability, and to figure out goals and strategies for moving forward.

It may be that your partner or loved one has given counselling a try in the past and found it unhelpful, and now is reluctant to give counselling another go. This might involve thoughts like, “I’m beyond help,” または “counselling doesn’t work for me.

When it comes to sexual abuse it can be crucial that the counsellor or professional has a good background in trauma informed care, and experience in working around sexual violence. It is a quite specialised area and it can be difficult to find a good professional. In this case it can be worth suggesting you do some research together to find someone who might be able to help.

It can also be helpful to note that every professional works differently and has a different style. The first counsellor an individual engages with may not be a good match for him. If this happens it can be easy to give it up as too hard, “well I tried.Perhaps in this instance he could be encouraged to give it another go, to find someone who does suit him and his individual style, with whom he ‘clicks.

If he has never been to counselling for this issue before and is nervous about what to expect, it may help him to know that a good counsellor won’t pressure him to talk about traumatic memories. The focus is generally more on strategies for coping in the present, until such time as the man wants to address past experiences (if at all).

しかしながら, if he doesn’t want to try any form of counselling, we would suggest there is not much you can do about that until he is ready. Counselling is only therapeutic if the person is ready and has made the decision for themselves. As mentioned earlier, feeling pressured to talk about sexual abuse can be counter-productive. If he feels pushed into attending a session, even if he does go, it is unlikely to be beneficial for him.

Perhaps the best thing you can do right now is to let him know that, if he does ever feel open to trying, you’ll be ready to support him through the process.

I’m the only one who knows. How can I help him?

This is a big one. We recognise the huge amount of pressure that is put on partners, and other family and loved ones, of men who have been sexually abused or sexually assaulted. Unfortunately if there is not much support out there for these men, nor is there much at all for their supporters. And you need support too, because this is a really difficult position to be in.

The very fact that you are here shows that you already are helping him. You wouldn’t be doing this reading if you weren’t wanting to be as supportive of him as you can be, which says a lot. It’s also a big step towards becoming informed and learning what’s helpful and what’s less so, for both him and yourself. The links throughout this page should be helpful with this.

As mentioned above, sometimes the best (and sometimes the only!) way you can help him is to let him know that you will always be available to listen. That you are willing to hear his feelings, 経験, 思考や物語 – however he feels comfortable sharing them, and whenever he feels ready.

しかしながら, as much as we want to, we can’t ‘make everything okay’ for someone else. We know that partners can often find themselves in this kind of position, with very high expectations of themselves. It’s important that you not take on too much. It’s important that you do take care of yourself.

Whether or not your partner is ready to talk it through with someone, it is always an option for you, あまりに. Counselling for yourself, as a partner, can help you to explore and process your own thoughts and feelings around this. It can help you to build up your own coping, resilience and wellbeing, and also to figure out how you can best support him.

私のパートナーは、性的虐待を受けた子供のように. 私は彼が私たち/私の子供を虐待かもしれない心配する必要があります?

性的虐待を受けてきた男性が自動的に性犯罪を犯すために行くだろうことを示唆する証拠はありません. 実際には, 研究では、実際に超えることを示唆しています 95% しません. It is an unhelpful myth that men who were sexually abused in childhood are the ones who then abuse children. Check out our page on 犯罪者サイクルに被害者への対応 for more information.

私たちが知っていることは性的に子供として虐待を受けてきた男性は子どもたちの幸福のために懸念しているということです, そして、何が過度に保護することができる場合. 典型的には、それらは、別の子供に起こることを彼らに何が起こったのかしたくありません.

If you are a parent, 私はあなたがあなたの子供との関係を話して構築維持したいと確信しています, so that if there is anything worrying them at home, 学校や周辺に彼らが来ることができ、それについてあなたと話. これは、あなたができる最善のことです。.

私のパートナーは、性的虐待を受けた子供のように. I found gay porn on his computer, but he says that he isn’t gay. Why does he look at gay porn then, or chat with other men online?

This is an issue that can be really confusing, embarrassing and hurtful to partners of men. It can also be embarrassing and confusing for the man involved, who may not understand it himself. The fact is, it’s not unusual for men who were sexually abused or assaulted by another male to feel the urge to watch same-sex porn, or to visit male sex websites or chat sites.

Using same-sex porn can add to the already existing sense of shame, given the taboos in some communities about same sex attraction. It gets very mixed up with the experience of abuse and trying to work out ‘who I am.’

When a man was sexually abused as a boy by another man, it is usually the case that this was his first experience with any form of sexual contact. This can influence the way a person thinks about sex for the rest of his life. It does not mean he is gay, just that his first sexual experience was a very confusing one.

いくつかの男性のための, memories of the abuse, including flashbacks, can be physically and emotionally charged. そのようなものとして, they can be drawn to look at same-sex porn as a way to try and understand what is happening. It can be a way to seek answers about the trauma of the abuse, and also about questions of sexuality. セクシュアリティと性的指向についての混乱は、多くの男性の性的虐待の残念な結果であります.

But questions around sexuality are dead-end questions – they don’t go anywhere. It can be more useful to think in terms of where he is choosing to put his emotional energy, 愛と愛情. このアウト仕事となっていないためには側面が追跡 (ゲイの問題は、サイド追跡することができます), それかもしれない彼が関係へのコミットメントの面で何をしているかを検討するために彼を招待することが有用とあなたに.

I asked my partner to stop using porn. He said he would, but I’ve learned he’s still been doing it in secret. What can I do?

Porn use in general can be an issue. Where there has been sexual abuse, porn can feel like a relatively safe space to explore and work through confusing and unsafe thoughts and experiences related to sex. This can be difficult to make sense of, and can cause problems in relationships when the man struggles to stop.

One of the added difficulties in this instance is that the sense of secrecy and shame around accessing porn can increase distress for men who have been sexually abused. Secrecy around things that are considered shameful can be a legacy of sexual abuse; it can almost be considered a coping strategy — a way to deal with the effects. However it can be quite unhelpful in developing a healthy, supportive relationship.

If this is something that is coming between you, it can be important to be clear that his accessing porn or chat rooms is something that pushes you apart. It will be important to be clear to him that if he chooses to access porn and lie to you, 彼はあなたとあなたの関係に愛と尊敬を示していません. 彼は動作し、どこで、彼は彼のエネルギーを置く方法についての選択肢が大人である. 彼は、あなたが一緒に楽しむことをやって一緒に時間を過ごすために選択することができます, 育成とより親密を構築する, 思いやり, セクシーな関係. 関係はコミットメントを取るか、再構築することができます.

重要なのは、各パートナーが自分で責任を取ることであり、これを支持することに共通の理解とコミットメントがあります, 思いやり, あなたの両方のために働く敬意関係.

Where can we find help?


Living Well offers counselling to men who have experienced sexual abuse or sexual assault, and also to partners, families and loved ones.

If you live in South East Queensland, we provide カウンセリングを競争に直面する from Strathpine, Woolloongabba/Buranda, Booval and Southport.

If you live anywhere else in Australia, we provide 電話相談オンラインカウンセリング.

If you live elsewhere in the world, take a look at our list of worldwide services online.

してください 連絡を取る.

16 注釈

  1. Comment by Carmel

    Carmel 応答 9月 6, 2016 4:45 午後

    I have been in a relationship for 9 years with a man who lives interstate. We are both in out fifties. It has never been a really successful relationship sexually. We broke up for two years because of this but got back together when he said he would try to communicate better. That was a year ago. Nothing has changed.

    I started thinking that maybe he had been sexually abused. He is a closed book, we never have sex and he doesn’t even like the mention of sex. He rarely appears naked and has extreme mood swings. Last week we were out to dinner with his brother and his wife, we were talking about their family and why my partner doesn’t connect with any other family members. My partner left the table to go to the bathroom and I said, almost jokingly, that I thought something may have happened to my partner at some stage. His sister-in-law answered that yes, he was ‘molestedas a child. I was shocked. By whom, I asked, and was told that it was by his uncle. My partner’s brother said that it was all ok now, and that my partner is fine. I said that it certainly is not fine, and at that time my partner returned to the table. now I can’t think of anything but this. he would be furious if he knew I knew, and moreso if he knew how I came to know.

    私が何をすべきか分からない. Should I tell him I know? Should I get more information from his brother? When we parted, before I told him that I couldn’t stay with him because he just never confided in me or got close emotionally, at that time he said, “it’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that I can’t.

    • Comment by Jess [リビングまあスタッフ]

      ジェス [リビングまあスタッフ] 応答 9月 9, 2016 11:46 上の

      Hi Carmel,
      I am sorry to hear you have been put in such a difficult position. We know that this kind of situation can be so distressing for partnersto have this knowledge, to want to help, but to be sitting with so much uncertainty and just not knowing what to do.

      What to do next depends on what you want to happen, and what you think will happen. If your partner has expressed to you that he is not able to talk about this yet, then it may be that these events are not going to change that. As alluded to in the information on this page, the decision to talk needs to come from the man, particularly if it is going to be a helpful conversation. Making the choice to disclose can even be seen as a part of the process of becoming empowered and regaining control.

      残念なことに, that his brother and sister-in-law were the ones to tell you may have served to take some of that control from him. I can imagine that this will be quite triggering and very upsetting for him. Seeking more information from his family would possibly only compound these problems. Eventually it may come out that yes, they told you about this when he was absentit was a mistake and it just happened that way without much thought. Telling him that you went back and continued that conversation without his knowledge or consent would possibly only make it more hurtful.

      It might be helpful to ask yourself what you’re hoping this knowledge will change, and is it likely that this will happen? Many people hold the assumption that ‘talking about itis pivotal to healing and recovery, however we know that this is not often the case. While his struggles in communicating and intimacy may be related to the abuse, the fact is, この段階で, it doesn’t really matter either way. This is something that is impacting on your relationship now. These are issues that are best addressed in the present, with connection to and reflection on what is happening for you both now, given that you are adults who are capable of making your own choices and doing what is important to you.

      Having said all that, some men have indicated that, while it is not helpful to be pressured to talk about the abuse, sometimes it can be helpful to be asked the question. I wonder how it might go if you were to say to your partner something like, “I’ve been thinking about some of the difficulties we’ve had in our relationship, and doing some reading, and I’m wondering if you have had an experience of sexual abuse in your life? We don’t have to go into it now if you aren’t ready but it would be helpful for me to know, and to understand.

      Please do have a read of some of the other information linked from this page on supporting a man with disclosure, as you have the opportunity to support him and to work towards healing (for you both) through your response to this.

      Best of luck, Carmel.

      • Comment by pam

        pam 応答 1月 15, 2017 1:05 午後

        私はしたい 72 years of age and I have been kicking myself for years over the fact that I did nothing when my first husband told me once that his aunt had sexually abused him. I was in my early 30’s and did not know how to respond so let it slide.

        My husband would drink every day after work at his club and drank himself into oblivious one night and I had to go and pick him up. Very embarrassing for me having come from a home where there was no alcohol problem at all.

        I could not understand why he needed to drink and I was a very shy person and did not want to cause more arguments than we already had over his drinking.

        In the end after 11 years of marriage I walked out for another man I met through work who was also in a bad marraige. We have been married 27 years now.

        My ex husband eventually ended up in hospital through his drinking and rang me one day at work and told me he would pick fights with me just so he could go out and drink. I was totally amazed that he had done this.

        I now realise that when he told me about the abuse at the hands of an aunt he was crying out for help and I did nothing. The drinking I believe (今) was an escape from the thoughts he had of what had happened to him in his childhood. Maybe if we had had counselling things may have had been different.

        • Comment by Jess [リビングまあスタッフ]

          ジェス [リビングまあスタッフ] 応答 1月 18, 2017 1:52 午後

          Hi Pam,
          Thank you for connecting with us and sharing your experiences here. That takes such courage.

          I’m hearing that you’ve been carrying some guilt around for quite a while now. Many years ago, your first husband was really struggling to cope. He was self medicating with alcohol and the damage to your relationship was extreme. At one stage he disclosed to you that he had been sexually abused by an aunt, however at that time you did not realise the significance of that disclosure. It sounds like you’ve regretted your response ever since.. particularly since hindsight has allowed you to put his damaging behaviours in perspective.

          You are absolutely not alone in your experiences Pam. 小児期の性的虐待 (especially as experienced by men) is not an issue that is really talked about. I don’t think anyone can be expected to automatically know the appropriate way to respond to a disclosure, which is why we have so many articles on just that topic.

          Not to mention that this is something you had to deal with over thirty years ago. If education, information and support are lacking now, that is nothing compared to a couple of decades ago, when the topic was actively suppressed.

          Remember that when you made your choices you did not have the knowledge and experiences then that you do now. If you had, you undoubtedly would have made different choices.

          And even that may not have helped. It is not up to you to fix anyone else, even a husband. Nor is it possible. The decision to recover and move forward can only come from the individual.

          Which ultimately means that there is no blame here for you, Pam.
          You did the best you could in a terribly stressful situation that you couldn’t make any sense of. You tried for eleven years, working blindly, before finally accepting that things weren’t going to change. Try to think back on that time with self compassion, rather than undeserved guilt.

          Guilt is a natural responseit motivates us to behave differently next time. So ask yourself, will I behave differently next time? If the answer is yes, the guilt has done its work, and you needn’t hang on to it any more. Thank it, and let it go.

          世話をする, and please 連絡を取る if you would like to chat further.

  2. Comment by Carmel

    Carmel 応答 9月 20, 2016 6:21 午後

    Thank you Jess. You asked me ‘what am I hoping the knowledge will change’. I suppose that for all the years of our relationship, whilst I knew him to be a bit difficult, I always thought that time would help us build a closer , more intimate relationship. I thought that all I had to do was be patient. But that was wrong. It hasn’t happened. I often think to myself that we are at the dating stage. The relationship didn’t grow or morph into anything else. It’s the same after nine years as it was afte 9 months.. so I am hoping that if he knows that I know, the relief of sharing his secret will make us closer. I hope he might see my knowledge as a barrier coming down . On the other hand I am also afraid that if I bring it up as you suggested above, he could just as well storm off and never want to see me again. He could do that. He is SO private. I’m not a gambler, but For me ( and I know it’s not about me) I think I need to bring it up. I am seeing him this weekend.

  3. Comment by Anonymous

    匿名の 応答 10月 2, 2016 2:51 午後

    ハイ, I believe my husband was sexually abused as a child. The reason I believe this is there have been signs, and he almost let something slip. One time when we were still just dating, I forgot exactly what brought this up, it was something do with a friend who was coming stay with him. He stared blankly and then said, “I’ve got to make sure his bed in the guestroom is ready. I don’t like nobody sleeping in bed wth me. I had to share a bed with my cousin and he did, well uh, I just don’t like it.
    I was like, “baby, nobody said he was going be in bed with you.
    He was likeuh sorry don’t know what I was rambling about.

    Now since we’ve been married, living together, he won’t go to sleep till he makes sure I’m safe in the bed. He has to have the door shut every night; if it’s not shut he almost looks terrified. He also flinches and jumps if you put your arms around him from behind, and I was going to be nice and wash his back while we were showeringhe yelleddon’t do that!” soon as I touched his back. He saidI don’t like my back being washed.He really sounded scared and defensive. It’s the same with his stomach, he flinches and tenses up.

    He wants love and reassurance, which I give him. My dad lives with us, and if I’m in the living room finishing a chore, talking to my dad, he will come in there and ask meyou going come watch tv?” I sayyes honey, just as soon as I finish,” and he will come back almost pouting. It’s like he feels safer when I’m with him.

    I wish he would tell me what happened, but I know it has got to be hard. What do you think? He really is the sweetest guy.

  4. Comment by Anonomous

    Anonomous 応答 11月 2, 2016 6:24 午後

    I am in my early 30s and have been dating on and off for 9years with man sexually abused by his mother. The push and pull of the relationship is relentless. To complicate matters more my mother was serverly abused as a child. When he is in other relationships he says that he has trouble in sexual relationships that he does not have with me and is always wanting to get back together with me. However I find he is not able to be transparent regarding is actions and I am stuck in a cycle of anxiety and mistrust. I get very worried for him as he cannot open up to people but I don’t think I can be this person anymore no matter how much he pushes for it.

  5. Comment by Pamela

    Pamela 応答 11月 29, 2016 7:44 午後

    My husband admitted he was abused as a child for many years. He has 3 子供, his wife passed away, now remarried. Sex is a no go, as soon as we start it goes flaccid. I’m thinking now, is this a result off the abuse? He has kids, so I asked him about this and he said he was pressured into the act off sex to please his first wife, hence having kids.

    Is he secretly gayhe would never in a million years admit it. I’ve looked in his browser history and found porn there. I’m open minded and unshockable, I love him and want to help. His torment, his horror, I am the only person he’s told, no one knows even the dead.

    I love him and want him to make love to me. To be honest I don’t think we have consummated our marriage of 5 年. Could be a result of the abuse?

    • Comment by Jess [リビングまあスタッフ]

      ジェス [リビングまあスタッフ] 応答 11月 30, 2016 3:06 午後

      Hi Pamela,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us here at Living Well. I’m definitely hearing from your message how much you care for your husband, and want to be supportive and understanding of him. You clearly want to be able to help him through the difficulties he’s experiencing, which are also having an effect on you.

      Childhood sexual abuse impacts upon people differently. Many people do manage to live full, 健康, functioning lives and to have satisfying, happy relationships. しかしながら, as you are aware, some people struggle a bit more. For them, issues such as intimacywhether this is sexual or emotional intimacycan be real problems within otherwise stable relationships. You are not alone in experiencing concerns about these issues.

      In terms of your husband’s sexuality, whether or not your partner is ‘secretly gaycan be a bit of a side-tracking issue. It is not unusual for men who were sexually abused as boys to have questions and concerns about how this has affected their sexuality. When a young boy is introduced to (often same-sex) sexual contact through an abusive experience in which he had no choice, it can be an extremely confusing experience. However now, 大人として, it is the ways in which he chooses to behave that count the most. By being with you, and trying to work through this with you, he is making clear choices.

      I think the fact that he has told you about the abuse (the first time he has ever told anyone), and further has also told you about the sexual abuse he experienced from his wife (as being pressured into sex is also sexual abuse/assault), shows how much he trusts you and wants to increase intimacy with you. Being open about these things is a form of emotional intimacy. Talking about the abuse is something that is notoriously difficult for men to do, so I think it’s an important factor that he has felt able to open up to you. (Have a look at our page 言うことを決定するWhen your partner discloses to get an idea of some of the barriers men face.)

      That he has kept trying to work through his impotence with you also shows how much he wants to improve this. This is also something that is very painful for men to confront, as sexual ability is often directly related to learnt ideas about男であることand self esteem. If he is willing to experience the extremely uncomfortable feelings that come with sexual difficulties, then he must care about and want to please you たくさん. Further reading that may be helpful for you includes: 男性の性的暴行と覚醒, which explains some of the mechanics involved and also has some tips and strategies at the bottom that may help you and your husband improve sexual intimacy.

      Some men and their partners find it helpful to consciously put sex ‘on the backburner’ 一定の期間, その代わりに親密さと遊びに集中. これは、両方のパートナーへの圧力を緩和することができます. また、セックスはあなたの両方のために上げることができることを不安に関するあなたのパートナーとのオープンで正直な議論を持つように助けることができる, とあなたは、お互いから何のサポートを必要とする. 例えば, 男性は自分のパートナーが、彼がセックスをしたくない場合は拒否されるか魅力感じている心配するかもしれません, or can’t perform. 公然とこのような問題を議論することは、各パートナーが本当に感じていると考えているかを理解するのに役立ちます.

      The value of good communication in intimate relationships cannot be overstated. I would encourage you both to notice the things that bring you together; the things that you enjoy together and which make this a healthy, pleasurable relationship.

      I also really want to stress that you take good care of yourself through this, because these experiences can be so hard on partners. If you haven’t seen it yet, please take a look at the steps to take care of yourself on the パートナー向け情報 ページ.

      Wishing you both the best, Pamela.

  6. ジェーンによってコメント

    ジェーン 応答 12月 19, 2016 8:50 上の

    My boyfriend of 5 years recently told me that he was molested several times as a child. I am the only one he’s told about it but now he’s pushing me away and has actually broken up with me because he wants to figure things out alone. he doesn’t even want me to check up on him. I’ve emphasized to him that I’m just here for him and am willing to listen to him regardless. I want to help him but I don’t know how. Could you please help me out with this?

    • Comment by Jess [リビングまあスタッフ]

      ジェス [リビングまあスタッフ] 応答 1月 11, 2017 10:54 上の

      Thanks for your comment. It sounds like a tough situation, and one you’ve been trying to handle to the best of your knowledge and ability. It’s good to see you’re doing some research and trying to figure this out. That shows how much you do care, and want to do what’s best.

      I think in this situation you have done the right thing. You have let him know that you are available and willing to support him in any way he might find helpful, no matter what. At this stage, it is up to him as to whether he is open to receiving that support. If he is at a stage where he needs some time alone to figure things out, and doesn’t want you to check up on him, I think the only thing you can really do is respect that.

      If he has just opened up to someone about this for the very first time, it may be that it has all come to the surface and he has some processing to do. That is something he can only do on his ownbut it sounds like he knows you are there for him if he does need some support.

      Take care of yourself in the meantime, ジェーン. Turn the focus to your own wellbeing and coping, for yourself, and also so that if the time does come where he needs help, you will be best positioned to provide it.

  7. Comment by Julie Hawkins

    Julie Hawkins 応答 3月 7, 2017 7:26 上の

    Hi my name is Julie H. My husband was raped by a man when he was 10. He said that he could talk about it so it did not bother him. We had fun dating , he was caring and considerate . After he proposed to me and I accepted ,things started to change, he became distant quiet . Unattached is a better word I guess. He would hold my hand to a building store what have you but as soon as the door opened he dropped my hand and kept his distance. I took this personal of course. He would smile and talk to others but not to me, I got the empty look and no smile, depressed version while everyone else got what he used to give me. Years pass we had a baby girl, he was not close to her and when she turned 5 he almost treated her like she had done something to him. She is 22 now and their relationship is very strained. I noticed the same treatment started when my youngest now 6 ,turned 5. That coupled with opening our small business , his subsequent emotional affair with a women having marriage problems of her own .
    When I noticed looks between them I started snooping and found over two hundred texts. Him and her talking like they were married. Discussing their day and joking and laughing. This completely destroyed me emotionally. He had at that point not spoken to me smiled at me he has never complimented me , people that came in to our business didn’t even know he had a wife, the others thought she was his wife.
    I confronted her after I found the texts, she claimed just friends, I confronted him he was furious said it was nothing . He was caught red handed so he claimed I misunderstood everything . I developed internal shingles lost 30 lbs and had a miscarriage. I didn’t know I was pregnant. I had a nervous breakdown I think. I couldn’t be around crowds pregnant women or babies, I would just go to pieces. He ask me why I didn’t react that way when I lost the other 6. Like he thought I made it up or something. This upset me greatly , I later found out he blamed me for all the other miscarriages. I did not know this man I had been married to for 23 年. There are some patterns I’ve noticed in the last couple of years. When I go to him when I’ve been hurt or am upset with him, his response ishow do you figure!” Which hurts me because next comes the blame. Then he brings up something I did to him (which he never mentioned before, it was as if he was saving it) and if it looks like I’m making since with my argument he stops me in the middle on making my point and sayslook at how you’re talking to me, why are you so violenteven though this argument is just a little loud not yelling. I’m always ( not kidding) always to blame. I asked him when had he ever come to me with a complaint , he was speechless. When he pushes me to the point I throw something ( not at him) he puts his arms out like Popeye and walked fast up to me like he’s going to hit me.( he has never hit me) I meet him nose to nose and tell him go a head you couldn’t possibly hurt me any more than you already have. He then walks off saying how this is never going to work. He always tries to jump ship first ,bringing up him leaving or something. I told him I was leaving if he didn’t get help. He is now in counseling . He has recently shared with me his abuse started when he was 5 with female babysitters molesting him .( all this time I was asking him during our fights why am I having to pay for what someone else did to you) he would say I wasnt. Up until he was 10 and raped several times by this man. He was molested by what seemed like everyone who he ever trusted. He has never let me in or our girls, he is trying now. But he told me his counselor (a woman) said she didn’t think his abuse is affecting him. She does not know how he treats me or his pattern of emotional abandonedment, or the women that molested him . He hasn’t told her , he told me this last night. She wants to see me next week. Any advise you could give me would be very welcome.

  8. Comment by Anonymous

    匿名の 応答 3月 24, 2017 5:37 上の


    So very recently my boyfriend mentioned he was molested by his stepdad. He didn’t go into a lot of detail. A few days ago, he sort of mentioned it again and he talked about it very vaguely. I want to help him and I’m not really sure how. My heart aches for him and I don’t want him to keep it bottled l up, but I also don’t want to push him into talking about it. Im the only person he’s told and I’m just kindaAt a loss. Any advice would help me. 感謝.

  9. Comment by Rehandra

    Rehandra 応答 3月 28, 2017 3:06 午後

    To this day I regret not asking my exhusband if he wanted to open up about being abused by an aunt.

    I would say to any woman whose partner mentions something like that to sayif you want to talk about I will listen”. It is then up to them.

    Don’t do what I did and say nothing. I was so taken by surprise. It was never raised again and to be quite honest I forgot about it.

    I now realise this is probably the reason he drank to excessto blot it out”!

  10. Comment by crystal hill

    crystal hill 応答 6月 3, 2017 6:18 上の

    I recently found my husband of 6 yrs on transgender dating sites when I confronted him he then confessed he was raped by another young boy at 10 yrs old he swears he’s not gay. But when he gets too drunk he goes back to gay porn sites idk what to do if he’s not gay why go watch gay sites and I often find him texting other women sending nudes back and forth that he doesn’t know or never meets. Any help here

  11. Comment by kyrstin

    kyrstin 応答 11月 28, 2017 7:27 上の

    My husband of 2 years was drunk one night and was talking to a man sexually, then later on I found out he also tried to talk to my cousin; both of which are gay. I brought this to his attention and he admitted to me he was sexually abused as a child by another man. He told both my cousin and the other man he wanted them, but we had just had a baby, and it just now coming up. He said his brother brought this up and it triggered something for him. But if he doesn’t want another man then why go behind me and tell the men he wants them?


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