Following is a list of open access reports that may be useful to your practice. Please note that all links to external websites and PDFs will open in a new window.

An Exploration of Services for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

This exploration of services for male survivors of sexual abuse was conducted by Martyn Sullivan, CEO of Mankind Counselling, as the beneficiary of a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Scholarship. It involved visting services throughout Australia and Canada in 2010 and 2011. Read the report [PDF 590 KB]

KPMG Report

Review of Queensland Health responses to adult victims of sexual assault, (March 2009). Released by Queensland Health October 2009. Download the report [PDF 720 KB]

The Living Well ‘Review of the Review’

Living Well’s Initial Response to the KPMG Review of Queensland Health responses to adult victims of sexual assault (November, 2009). Invited by Queensland Health as part of its consultation process, this report has now been completed and forwarded to Queensland Health. Download the report [PDF 956 KB]

Service provision for males who have experienced sexual assault or abuse

Between August and October 2009, Living Well, in conjunction with students from the University of Queensland, conducted a nation wide survey of current service responses to men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse or sexual assault. An initial analysis of the data has been completed and a report created. The intention is for further analysis to be conducted on the gathered information and for it to be utilised to inform improved service delivery and support throughout Australia. Download the report [PDF 430 KB]

Accounts of men’s experience and support needs

Nelson, S., & Jamieson, L. (2007), Care and Support Needs of Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse – Interim Report. Download the report [PDF 356 KB]

Moving forward information sessions

Spall Watters Consulting (2010), Feedback consultation commissioned by Queensland Health in response to KPMG’s 2009 Review of Queensland Health Responses to Adult Victims of Sexual Assault. Download the report [PDF 1.34 MB]

The right to choose

Queensland Sexual Assault Services (2010), The Right to Choose: Enhancing Best Practice in Responding to Sexual Assault in Queensland. This document outlines suggestions for developing best practice responses to women victims of childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault in Queensland. Download the report [PDF 2 MB]

Limiting choices

Queensland Sexual Services (2010), Limiting Choices: Critical Analysis of Proposed ‘Hub’ Model. This document reviews and critiques the KPMG Review of Queensland Health’s Responses to Adult Victims of Sexual Assault. It outlines concerns about the impact on women victims of childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault if a restrictive hub and spoke model of service delivery is introduced. Download the report [PDF 1.5 MB]


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