Email counselling

Living Well offers email based counselling as a safe and anonymous alternative to face-to-face services. Email counselling is also a more flexible alternative to live chat counselling, which, while it is more immediate, is currently only available at certain times of the week. With email counselling, rather than entering into a discussion with a counsellor live, you communicate with your counsellor via a series of email messages.

What to expect

If you do decide to engage in email counselling, the following process will apply:

  1. First you will need to fill out our online Email Counselling Intake Form. Here you can provide information around your background, presenting issues and counselling needs. The information from this form will be sent directly to your counsellor.
  2. Your counsellor will then send you a reply email with their response attached as a password protected document. You can expect a reply within two business days.
  3. The first few emails will be focussed mostly on you and your counsellor getting to know each other, and will allow your counsellor to get a broader understanding of your situation.
  4. Emails will then be sent between you and your counsellor as necessary.

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