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न्याय The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is one of four commissions or inquiries into sexual abuse and institutional failure recently undertaken in Australia. The Royal Commission focused on identifying things to be done in the future to prevent child sexual abuse, and to bring those who commit or cover up offences to account.

Final information update

पर 12 नवंबर 2012 the then Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, announced that she would recommend to the Governor-General that a Royal Commission be appointed to inquire into institutional responses to child abuse. पर 15 दिसंबर 2017 the Royal Commission presented a final report to the Governor-General, detailing the culmination of a five year inquiry into institutional responses to child sexual abuse and related matters.

The final report is available on the रॉयल आयोग की वेबसाइट. We ourselves will make more information available shortly.

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बचपन यौन शोषण करने के लिए संस्थागत जवाब में रॉयल आयोग

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रॉयल आयोग की पहली बैठक

बाल यौन शोषण करने के लिए संस्थागत जवाब में रॉयल आयोग (आयोग) held its first sitting at 10.00 बुधवार को की 3 अप्रैल 2013 विक्टोरिया के काउंटी कोर्ट में, 250 विलियम स्ट्रीट, मेलबोर्न.

All Commissioners were present. चेयर, न्यायमूर्ति मैकक्लेनन हूँ, provided information on the work of the Royal Commission including the future conduct of public and private hearings. Senior Counsel assisting also delivered an opening statement. There was no evidence taken at this first sitting.

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