Entendemos que puede ser difícil acceder a la asistencia.

Ver a un consejero experimentado, uno a uno, le da la oportunidad de identificar y discutir lo que es importante para usted en su vida.

Usted puede hablar con alguien que quiera escuchar - y no va a juzgar, condenar o culpar. Nuestros asesores no requieren que hable en detalle sobre el abuso sexual infantil o asalto sexual, si usted no desea.

Estamos aquí para proporcionar información, el apoyo y la comprensión de una manera que mejore sus relaciones y el bienestar general.

Más información está disponible sobre nuestra consejeros aquí. Si no se basan en Brisbane, también ofrecemos asesoramiento telefónico y asesoría en línea para los hombres (y sus socios y simpatizantes) Australia amplia.

Contáctenos para obtener más información o para concertar una cita.


4 comentarios

  1. Comment by Stuart

    Stuart Responder Julio 28, 2014 en 12:37 pm

    I am an adult survivor of child abuse. I would like details and contact information on how to go about getting treatment for this issue. I would also like to know if there is a away to minimize the cost as I am not a man with many funds.

    • Comment by Jess [Living personal bien]

      Jess [Living personal bien] Responder Agosto 29, 2014 en 1:22 pm

      Hi Stuart,
      Thank you for reaching out for support and contacting us. That takes quite a bit of bravery and is a big step.
      I’m not quite sure where you’re based at the moment, but if it is Brisbane please do Estar en contacto with us to set up an appointment.
      If you can’t get to Brisbane you are also welcome to access our online counselling service and get support via email or Skype.
      Our services are free of charge, whether by face to face, telephone or online.
      Please get back to us if you have any other questions.

  2. Comment by Putra

    Putra Responder Julio 25, 2017 en 11:53 pm

    i get stress with my life.. familia, amigos , the society.. i do good things to people such as helping them when they needed.. but in return they abuse me bullying me and insult me hm.. please i need you’re help please

    • Comment by Jess [Living personal bien]

      Jess [Living personal bien] Responder Julio 26, 2017 en 9:31 en

      Hi Putra,
      It’s good to hear you continue to do good and try to work with people, even in the face of insults and mistreatment. I think that takes strength!

      Thanks for getting in touch with us and looking into counselling. I know that it can be difficult to put yourself out there and ask for help, and that this takes courage also. It looks like you are in Malaysia. Unfortunately we are based in Australia, and our counselling services are for residents of Australia only, so we are unable to help you with your questions. The only thing I can really recommend for you is to search for a more local service that meets your needs.

      Buena suerte, and I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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