Awareness campaign 2011

The Living Well service is committed to raising awareness of the problems related to childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual assault, as well as building community capacity to prevent sexual abuse and respond more appropriately.

Our current campaign includes four new posters and four new postcards for distribution. These posters details some of the specific challenges males can face in relation to speaking about sexual abuse, as well providing practical information and encouragement to community members to support and assist someone who has experienced sexual abuse. The campaign includes the creation of a 56 page 'Living Well Guide for Men who have experienced sexual abuse' (available in hard copy and for download in mid March, so watch this space).

Please feel free to download these PDFs to print out or distribute as you wish. The first two posters and all of the postcards are available from us in high quality printed form. If you can make a contribution we will send a collection of our new 2011 campaign material direct to you.  We believe that we all have a part to play in addressing the problems of sexual abuse.   

Posters and Postcards 2011

Check out the posters and postcards below. You can click the thumbnails to download the full PDF file.  We would encourage you to print in colour or better still allow us to send you the high quality printed copies for greater impact and support. 

If I tell you I was sexually abused, will you... If a friend told you he was sexually abused, how could you help?

If I tell you I was sexually abused, will you... If a friend told you he was sexually abused, how could you help?

How can he tell you... We need more inspirational work and stories to be told.

How can he tell you... Sexual assault is something that happened to me. It's not who I am.

Tell us what you think about the posters and postcards?

You can also view and download media from our 2010 campaign.


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